It has been several years that Optec is working in International space programs. It all started in 1992 with innovative optical system developed for the Spacelab, Mission D2, designed to be used on the Advanced Fluid Physics Module (AFPM) experiment.

Always on the leading edge of optomechanical development Optec is directly involved in design and engineering of optical systems for satellites or space stations for various companies around the world.

Through the years Optec has been protagonist of numerous successes in the Space field.

In 2001, in collaboration with CGS, Optec designed and implemented various optical systems still in use in BIOLAB of the ISS.

In 2003, in collaboration with Osservatorio di Astrofisica di Torino (OATO) Optec has been involved in SCORE experiment and the optical unit for the solar corona analyzer was realized.

In collaboration with TDS in 2010 the optical unit for the PRISMA mission was implemented. PRISMA is operational and functioning in geostationary orbit.

Therefore, cooperating with various important Italian and International entities new systems are in development and ready to be launched.

Under an ASI (Italian Space Agency) contract, in collaboration with TSD and Optec partner Tecnottica, 4 new advanced system were presented as navigation tools for interplanetary exploration.

Together with Space Flight Laboratory (SFL) and University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) the first extremely high resolution dioptric satellite, limited in resolution only by diffraction, has been designed, manufactured and qualified for launch.

The optical layout, of proven optical quality, is able to resolve 2 m on Earth. This involved the development of a dedicated multichannel prism camera, specifically designed for space applications with 6 separate channels able to acquire in real-time the same image coming from the apochromatic lens designed by Optec.

OPTEC has delivered, after having successfully performed the qualification campaign, the polarimeter for the ESA Solar Orbiter METIS project which was first flight unit of the METIS Solar Orbited mission to be delivered for integration.

Finally, OPTEC is manufacturing ARGOMOON flight optical payloads. ArgoMoon is a nanosatellite that will fly on board the new American launcher, Space Launch System (SLS), during its first mission (Exploration Mission 1) scheduled for 2019.
The objective of the ArgoMoon mission is to provide NASA information about the correct launch vehicle operations through photography. At the time the second stage will release the CubeSats, it will not be able to communicate with the ground anymore. Flying ArgoMoon in the EM-1 mission will also be the opportunity to test nanotechnology in the hostile environment of deep space. ARGOMOON will be the first nanosatellite (6U) to be released in moon orbit.

All materials involved in space applications are the state of the art for space applications. Extremely low out gassing materials, special and exotic alloys, and technical development expertise all merge together to design the most advanced space compliant optical systems.

All environmental and mission conditions are analyzed carefully with proper FEA software and real test and experiments to certify compliancy to customers specifications.

In addition to this Space applications, Optec is involved in the design and manufacturing of many On Ground Support Equipment used to verify functionality and calibration of optical systems to be used in space, like as an example the new Sentinel 4 produced for ESA and AIRBUS implemented in collaboration with MICOS.

Two clean rooms and various areas in class ISO5 are available in Optec in order to guarantee level of dust and particles contamination for Space applications in all assembly phases.


  • AFPM : Alenia 1992 – Zoom Lens for SpaceLab
  • BioLab : CGS 2001 – Optics for Spacelab Spectrometer
  • ORO : Selex 2003 – Optics for airborne application
  • Earth View System : CGS 2005 – Space Station Optics
  • PRISMA : Technosystem Developments 2006 – Prisma Space Mission
  • KPOL : Astronomy Lab TORINO (SCORE Project)
  • TMA – ASI – Telescope Space & Defense
  • NEMO AD : SFL-UTIAS 2012 – Optics for satellite
  • NEMO HD : SFL-UTIAS 2012 – Optics for satellite
  • MOSS – ASI 2013 – StereoNAV satellite
  • SENTINEL IV – AIRBUS – OGSE Collimator unit & Condensing Optics
  • SOLAR ORBITER – METIS – ESA – Polarimeter Unit
  • EAGLET – OHB – 3U Cubesat Optical Payload
  • ARGOMOON – ARGOTEC – 6U Moon orbiting Cubesat Optical Payload 1 & 2
  • ARGO – EICAS/TYVAK – Innovative Standalone StarTracker

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